safeguarding cultural heritage, social and architectural wooden houses in Cuba

Sauvegarde du Patrimoine Culturel, Social et Architectural des Maisons en Bois de Cuba

Sauvegarde du Patrimoine Culturel, Social et Architectural des Maisons en Bois de Cuba

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" The goal of human society must be the advancement of men, not of things. "
[ Léonard Sismonde de Sismondi ]



A Firm Commitment with the Wood Heritage and with Cuban Families

Camaha proposes to make contributions towards the preserving and implementing of a plan to restore wooden houses, stage by stage, with no obligation to reconstruct them all in the same way.  This would allow interventions on a large scale in matters dealing with roofs, termites and resistance to hurricane-force winds, these being the most urgent phases.

Always careful to preserve the occupants (the families living in these wooden houses or those having the right to do so), the association wishes to support processes of sustainable development that rest on the principles of social justice, equity, economic promotion and respect for the environment.

The association will support the transmission of French know-how in wood construction in all its forms: courses, school works, university specialization, exchanges, support for exchanges with Compagnons du Devoir Français (French Companions of Duty), etc…

Camaha applies development and diagnostics engineering, controls of construction and wooden construction elements in order to contribute economical technical solutions that are long-lasting and respectful of the environment and ecology and save energy, respecting European and Cuban norms for the safeguarding of all wood heritage.
These missions can be extended at the request of international organizations to other countries neighbouring Cuba, or to those having the same climatic problems.