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Sauvegarde du Patrimoine Culturel, Social et Architectural des Maisons en Bois de Cuba

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Months of uncertainty
Written by Florian Castex   
Monday, 08 August 2011 16:57

Briefly here is the progress of the last presidential elections in Haiti:

First round: september 28th, 2010, the electoral campaign begin with 19 candidates in race.

The first day of election is th 28th november. A lot of problems have places through the country for this first day, soiled by the epidemic of cholera which rages in the North of the country. However the authorities annonce an optimistic humor for this first tour in spite of plundered polling stations and damaged electoral convoys.

I spend the period when the CEP (temporary electoral council) confirms the vote and when the candidates in list ask the cancellation. Come then a lond period of protest of these results not still announced while the rumors instigate.

The official results will be annonced the 5th december, reported 2 days later.

Came this day, a certain tension above on the Haitian capital. Shops are closed, school and institutions same. Needs to say that the statements of the unofficial results livened up debates in high decibels in the streets of Port-au-Pince. Now, 3 candidates are in race for the second day: Mirlande Manigat 31%, Jude Celestin 22% and Michel Martelly 21%.Immediately, demonstrations, barricades, a lot of destroyed ministries and closed airports.

An emergency check is organized on December 9th to count again the votes.

Initially planned by January 16th,2011, the secoud tour is pushed away on March 20th.

On January 13th a report is put back recommending the elimination of Jude Celestin. Michel Martelly is in head and Mirlande Manigat in second, they didn't wait to begin their campaign of the second tour.

I underline meanwhile the return of Jean Claude Duvalier (former dictator of the country, exiled) and Jean Bertrand Aristide (former president, exiled).

March 20th, always no result. It's necessary to wait the 31th of the same monthe, and no surprises on April 4th. Fate finally the results of the secound tour. Michel Martelly president of the republic of Haiti. Inaugurated on May 16th officialy.

Here we are, all this to say that from the beginning of the election campaign in September, 2010 Haiti had put 6 months to elect a person at the head of the country but this day doesn't possess either First Minister or government. I specify, this First Minister will be the head of government, the one who name the Ministers and will execute the laws.Or, Haitian populate begin to doubt quite the election pledges of president Martelly, concerned mainly the reconstruction.

The international budgetary helps find so blocked cause by the lack of a real government.

800 000 persons taken refuge, piled ip in camps spend a rainq season of the roufhest in the feelings of all.

The hurricane Emily who had affected hardest, Martinique and Guadeloupe, touched the South of the country cause by importing damages for the city of Jacmel.