safeguarding cultural heritage, social and architectural wooden houses in Cuba

Sauvegarde du Patrimoine Culturel, Social et Architectural des Maisons en Bois de Cuba

Sauvegarde du Patrimoine Culturel, Social et Architectural des Maisons en Bois de Cuba

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An employee to Camaha

Camaha has from now on a young employee named Gwendoline Dugué who takes care of the secretarial department and the management of the association.

She was hired by means of a contract of future, it is a contract of help to the insertion intended for the young people distant from the employment because of their defect of formation and their lack of professional experience. It contains mutual commitments between the young person, the employer and the public authorities. Thanks to the employment of future and the coverage of a part of the salary by the French State, the local mission, the region Europe, camaha association has now a permanent person full-time. Our new employee work thus 35 hours a week thanks to this contract and can also benefit from formation to be able to professionalize.

The search for funds, the follow-up from day to day are going to be able to be made, thank you for your support with your contacts, your employers, the companies which you know, to make us known.

Camaha Membership

The Camaha Association exists because of your donations and actions. Each gesture is important, therefore we invite you to include your name on the list of members, volunteers, donors and benefactors who are already cooperating with us.

In order to participate, I can:

Active Members

  • Pierre Georges Hervé (Camaha President – expert on wood and tropical climates)
  • Julie-Anne Gardy (Management Secretary)
  • Françoise Hervé (Business Engineer)
  • Christian Lacroux (Internet Programmer)
  • Jacques Philippe Dalleau (Artisan and Master Carpenter)
  • Jean-Patrick Diederichs (Civil Engineer)
  • Karel García Cortina (Translator and Interpreter)
  • Jacques Lépine (Engineer specialized in bridges and highways)
  • Thomas Levet (Engineer in wood E.S.B.)
Tuesday, 21 September 2010 09:14

CAMAHA invites you to participate in its competition of the month! It is a question of finding a name for the monthly bulletin of CAMAHA according to the objectives of the association. Send us your proposal to our electronic direction. The name of the winner will be published in the next edition.

A member of Camaha receives a title
Tuesday, 21 September 2010 09:14

Lurdes Laura Morejon Salud, a member of CAMAHA since a few months, received the title of the Civil engineering in the CUJAE. His work of diploma consisted in a study of the wood which turned specifically around the following examiners: which regulations methodologies and criteria can be adopted for the conception of wooden structures sawed in Cuba? And: what would be the structure and the most accessible configuration of standard for the work of the Cuban schemers?

" As student in Civil engineering, he was always interested in the study of the wood and generally the ecological materials, but during its studies only the steel and the reinforced concrete studied themselves with depth, the study of the wood stayed for courts of the third cycle or the master's degree. I approached Dra. CT. Ing. Odalys Á lvarez Rodríguez who had been my teacher of deportment and Preservation of Constructions, her proposed me as subject for the work of diploma: the Proposal of Standard for the Conception of Structures of Madera. For the realization of the work, we studied in depth the current Cuban Standard for the Conception of Structures of Madera (NC 0053-179) and a comparative analysis was realized between more than 10 foreign regulations. In the work of diploma, a methodological structure proposes for the Cuban standard of wooden structures, and incorporate criteria and expressions of conception of supreme current events at the international level. The proposal of standard remained divided into 8 chapters. The work also possesses conclusions."