safeguarding cultural heritage, social and architectural wooden houses in Cuba

Sauvegarde du Patrimoine Culturel, Social et Architectural des Maisons en Bois de Cuba

Sauvegarde du Patrimoine Culturel, Social et Architectural des Maisons en Bois de Cuba

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Creation of workshops wood and training in the construction
Saturday, 27 November 2010 10:15

Camaha wishes to bring to the local population the necessary training so that they can make and assemble the modules of wooden house, in any autonomy.

The association has already sent on-the-spot materials and launched the first workshops of modules. The labor apprentices are recruited locally in Haiti. They will be paid (according to the international aid program in cash for work) and trained in the building work of wooden houses.

Here are the first images of the workshop and the arrival of materials for the construction project of a hospital:


Contents of the training dispensed within the framework of the project

Training in workshop (10 young people without qualification) :

  • Elaboration of the specifications and technical drawings of the constructions: Production of the drawing of continuity shots and manufacturing of the planned constructions
  • Hygiene and from safety to the work
  • Procedure of self-check
  • Manufacturing and assembly of the pilots.

Training on construction site (8 craftsmen and 4 workers Cash for Work) :

  • Introduction in the notion of safety in the manipulation of machines for the wood.
  • Introduction in the safety on construction site in the implementation of wooden construction
  • Training in the cut and the production of wooden elements
  • Training in the manipulation and the implementation of wooden elements
  • Organization and piloting of teams
  • Follow-up and implementation of a plan of autocontrol workshops in construction sites
  • Training of autonomous persons in charge of micro-workshops
  • In-service training during the prefabrication of modules and quality control on each of the classroom to be built
  • Constitution of assembly plans
  • Training in the construction on the ground
  • Implementation of the simple techniques of assembly
  • Punctuals quality controls on the works on the ground
  • Brief reports of technical recommendations for an improvement of the quality of the constructions